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Summer is here and many are taking on or finishing up home improvements. Atlanta’s J&M Locksmith
offers advice on why local, independent locksmiths could be the best choice for consumers in the Atlanta, GA area.

 “National locksmith companies can provide good service, but they don’t know the community or the client base and they typically cost far more than local, independent locksmiths,” said Eugene Rozhavsky, president of Brookhaven-based J&M Locksmith, Inc. “Many consumers would prefer to work directly with the same people who are completing the work instead of a call center that works off commission. We recommend asking the right questions to ensure you are receiving the best local service.”

To help consumers and businesses identify the best
locksmith for their needs, the experts at J&M offer the following insight:

1.      Less Expensive, Better Service
Locksmiths can be expensive—and it’s not always a superior level of service consumers are paying more for. National locksmith companies have large advertising costs due to the nature of their advertising campaigns. These costs are passed on to consumers. 

Local, customized service often comes at a price, but with locksmith companies this isn’t the case. As a result of the advertising and marketing costs by national companies, they often charge more for similar or less service. Consumers should be sure to check reviews and ensure that they are receiving a local locksmith who they can keep in touch with. No one can be certain if they will have future needs, so it’s important to look for a company who has a bond to the community.

2.      Personal Service
When speaking to representatives for a locksmith company, be sure to ask who will be the one actually completing the service and if that person can be followed up with at any time. Local, independent locksmiths build a relationship with their clients and ensure that they stay happy. They do not look at orders as tickets that must be completed in their field management software, but instead as an acquaintance in the community who they want to see succeed in their home improvement efforts.

3.      Truly Local
Truly local companies don’t incur travel costs common for some national brands. And when they are provided a job location in the community, they aren’t confused. Local locksmith companies will understand a customer’s description of “I live across the street from the Home Depot of this major road.”

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